Jungle view

A little bit more off the beaten track; a view over the Amazone rain forest at the top of the Voltzberg, Suriname. After a 5 hour hike you we got rewarded with this magnificient view with the sound of the jungle on the background. Advertisements

Bigi Pan sunset

Another sunset picture from Suriname. If you like beautiful sunsets, you should visit this country in South America.

Exploding sunset

Exploding sunset at Brokopondo, Surinam. A big tropical thunderstorm coming in. Cumulonimbusclouds above the water.

Brokopondo sunset

Tropical sunset in the Brokopondo lake district, Suriname (South America)

Bigi Pan

Sunset at the Bigi Pan lake district, Suriname (South America). The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen..


Sunset and heavy clouds above the lake of Brokopondo, Suriname (South-America).