Early morning at the lake

Autumn sunrise, Bon Echo Park (Canada)
Autumn sunrise, Bon Echo Park (Canada)

Early morning at the lake, Bon Echo Park (Canada). Fall colours, reflections and fog above the water.


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  1. Tieme says:

    Very great photo! Good composition, great colours, and well exposed!

    I would suggest two things : the little twig on the bottom right is a bit disturbing. And, maybe taking a step back would have helped lead the eye more with the coast line (something you saw very well!).

    You my two cents 😉

    Have a great day!

    Kind regards,


    1. Thanks for the advice! I really like it when someone give tips about the composition and framing. I think the whole foreground could be sharper and the twig is disturbing indeed. Nevertheless I really liked the picture so I posted it anyway.

      I saw you are from the Netherlands as well. You take excellent pictures!

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      1. Tieme says:

        So we could as well communicate in Dutch 😉 You’re welcome and thank you for your reply! A sharp foreground is quite hard. Ever heard of the hyperfocal distance? I have done a few tests and will publish a page about that soon!

        But yeah, you’re right, this picture is really nice!

        Thank you very much!



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